Scanfly XT delivers extremely resolute and definite point clouds, making it ideal choice for mapping at longer ranges and higher


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Weight: 1,80 kg (With hesai Pandar XT-32 laser scanner and without GNSS antennas, cables and quick mount adapter)
Dimensions: 230 x 131 x 102 mm
Certification: IP55/CE Scan Rate: up to 1280000 pts/s
Range: up to 130 m
Accuracy: 5cm (PPK performance with a minimum of 6 GPS satellites, HDOP<3, ground station not farther than 10 km)
Precision: 3 cm
Storage: internal 512 GB / Up to 1 TB (optional)
Interface connection: Wi-Fi , Ethernet
Software: Scanfly Web-app / Smart Processing Lidar / Smart Survey Scanfly (optional)