UAS flight case

Tailor-made flight case for KUR-1000 UAS


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Flight case for KUR-1000 and KUR-1000PRO UAS.
The case is made of aluminum and honeycomb PVC in order to guarantee the best strength while minimizing the weight.
Shaped stiff sponge interiors assure the perfect protection for KUR-1000 UAVs and all accessories that need to be used during the flight operations. Suitable for trolley installation.
Interiors can hold: KUR-1000 / KUR-1000 PRO UAV Flight termination ground module 4 batteries (2 packs) Anemometer Propeller guard (only KUR-1000) Landing pad High visibility “UAS PILOT” jacket 4 x solar led lamps with pickets 4 x replacement propellers (2 x CW + 2 x CCW) (KUR-1000 PRO only) Magnetic board Document folders
Dimensions: 800x700x300 Weight: 15 kg (empty)