Trichospreader can be installed in our KUR-1000 and bigger size too. It can be used also in different drones with PWM control.


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The system is perfect for dropping trichogramma beads by drone. We have different tank sizes, it depends on the drone you will use. With KUR-1000 actually we ha installed 8 liters capacity.
Bigger is possible.
Main features
  • Adaptable sizes
  • Easy refilling
  • Rainproof
  • Anti-lock ball to prevent system jamming
  • Electronic control of bead release by infrared cell
  • Digital display
  • Direct control by radio controller of drone (UP)
  • Empty detection alert
  • Easy reporting
  • Programmable by drone (UP) radio control
You can release billes of cellulose or starch.
  Empty weight Cellulose beads Starch beads
5 liters 630 gr 1.100 gr (700 logs, 7ha) 1.700 gr (500 logs, 5 ha)
8 liters 730 gr 1.550 gr (1.200 logs, 12 ha) 2.500 gr (850 logs, 8.5 ha)