SKYRC PC 1080 LiPo battery charger

Dual output LiPo battery charger for professional drones


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SkyRC PC1080 is a dual channel 6S LiPo charger for industrial application drones.
It is reliable, safe and easy to operate while with comprehensive functionality, like battery voltage meter, internal resistance meter, LiHV charging mode, also the time saving synchronization mode.
Using advanced 32bits high speed CPU from STMicroelectronics, processing capability improves 20 times.
The battery charger features 3 working modes: Fast charge: fast full charging and balancing Balance charge (recommended): high accuracy balanced battery charge, with automatic regulation Storage: automatically charge/discharge batteries in safe voltage for storage
Specifications: Input voltage: 100-240 V Output power: 1080 W (540 W x 2) Discharge power: 100 W (50 W x 2) Charge current: 1.0-20.0 A x 2 Balance current: 1.2 A Battery type: LiPo/LiHV Battery cell n: 6S Working Mode: fast charge, balance, storage Weight: 4.88 kg Size: 272 x 202 x 118.6 mm