Professional grade quadrotor UAS


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Heavy professional UAV, KUR-1000PRO is suitable for aerial inspections and mapping operations, thanks to its capability to carry a payload up to 5 kg.
KUR-1000PRO is capable to perform 6-directions obstacle detection and avoidance.
The platform is extremely compact due to the foldable frame that let to fit the UAS in the smallest flight case of its category.
More info and detailed specifications on www.up-caelivia.it

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BASE PACKAGE included in the price
  • 2 batteries 6S 120000 mAh
  • 4 propellers (2 pairs)
  • Radio control and GCS
  • Flight termination system
  • Flight manual
  • Maintenance manual
  • UAV logbook
  • Pilot logbook
  • Dual GPS RTK
  • Optic flow sensor
  • 6 Obstacle detection sensors
  • Retractable landing gears
  • High visibility jacket (UP Creations)