High visibility jacket by UP Creations (designed by BJJack)

Fashion designed jacket for sustainable UAS pilots


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From now on every pilot can choose to help social projects buying this fashion designed Jacket.
The only fashion brand where every single sale helps somebody immediately.
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Tech data

The high visibility jacket is a fashion and also technical tool useful to identify the UAS pilot during UAS operations.
It highlights the pilot, the responsible for the UAV flight and general safety.
Specifications: Made of polyester Detachable sleeves Lateral pockets Hood Metallic hook for radio Rainproof and windproof High collar Shoulder strips for insignia rank Dimensions.
Made in Italy by UP Creations.
UP Creations is the next challenge of the project FIVE DROPS, a total look fashion company.
Through our design creations we want to inspire all the countless flying enthusiasts who believe in a world based on ethics and transparency.

Industries for spreading ethics on the back
A fashion company where you buy and help social projects in the same time.