Ground Control Station medium

Integrated remote controller, ground station and digital video transmission system with medium 7" touch screen,


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Number of channels: 16 channels

Frequency: 2.400-2.483GHz

Working voltage: 4.2V

Working Current: 100mA

RF Power: 20DB@CE/23DB@FCC

Modulation: New FHSS

Weight: 1034g (Variant SDD7 + 250 gr)

Firmware: APP online

Dimension: 272*183*94mm

Duration: 6-20 hours

Battery Capacitor: 20000mA

Charge Port: Type-C

Application: Helicopter,Fixed wing,Quadcopter,car boa
Touch screen: 7" ( Variant SDD7 + Tablet android)
PS: Tablet on the version SDD7could change in case the standard model will not be available.


Receiver and Camera:

Working voltage: 7.2-72V Working voltage: 14-72V
Number of channels: 16CH Working Current: 140mA (Open Light)
RF Power: 20DB@CE/23DB@FCC Working Current: 14mA (Not Open Light)
Size: 76*59*11 MM Size: 102.1*42.6*36.5 MM
Weight: 90g Weight: 55g